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Bedouine is committed to sustainable development and the preservation of the planet and encourages you to choose a better way of consumption.

We have implemented many actions to help protect the environment:

The fabric we have chosen to use for our flagship concept, the Ecrin, is Tencel: a material made from ecological plant based fibers that come from the wood pulp of different trees (beech, eucalyptus, pine…).

This wood pulp is sourced in certified sustainable and more importantly renewable forests







Our logistics center is sustainable and Ecocert certified.

Packaging is just as important to us, we do not use any plastic and have replaced silk paper and tape by Kraft paper. The boxes we use to ship your products are made of natural and recycled materials.

We have gone paperless for delivery slips and bills in order to use as little paper as possible.

Part of the platform’s benefits go towards reforestation efforts in France and environmental protection (the center is a member of “1% for the planet” and of “reforest ‘action”)






Our Contribution reforestation

Our book printer actively contributes to the future of the planet by growing tomorrow’s books!

For each “Wake up the Bedouine within” book and for each book that is edited, our printer plants a tree in the Kermoeles forest in Brittany.


We take pride in promoting French craftsmanship and handmade products.

We support local female employment: our scarves are made by hand in a Parisian workshop by 3 seamstresses hired and trained exclusively for the Bedouine brand.

We choose our service providers carefully and believe in shared values. The certificates of authenticity of the Ecrin are, for example, handcrafted by a French craftswoman in her workshop.

Get her the perfect gift!
Our flagship concept, L’Ecrin is carefully packaged in its sumptuous camel box.

Delivered with its certificate of authenticity, a book recounting the epic story of the concept and its elegant pouch to preserve it. Give her a beautiful and useful present that she will wear on a daily basis.



Make her happy !


Choose the Bedouine gift card, credited with the amount of your choice.

When women move forward the whole word benefits from it


Our mission,


Bedouine charity strives to empower women in order to improve their quality of life and society as a whole.

Our first projects took place in Morocco.

We work with a team of volunteer women there, such as Itto, the mother of Bedouine’s founder.

Since January 2021, Bedouine charity has provided financial, technical and human support to projects focused mainly on women. We are committed to working on projects with a long term vision, as per the following motto:
“You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” (Chinese proverb.)

We are creating new paths to empower women and move towards gender equality. Bedouine charity works on a case to case basis to support individuals’ particular needs. Sisterhood is at the heart of our vision as we strongly believe that the world’s future depends on women’s future.

How we work.

An integrated and deeply human approach.

Bedouine charity believes in a global and holistic approach by putting in place a support strategy that takes into account the diversity of women’s needs within complex environments


Find out more about our actions:

Here as some of the projects we have been working on: 


1/Zohra has 4 children 2 of which are twins. Her husband was in palliative care and therefore unable to provide for his family. When we met her, Zohra and her children were living in unsanitary conditions, without running water or electricity in an isolated part of the Moroccan Atlas, a mountain chain where it regularly snows.

We made a fundraising appeal for the Bedouine tribe @bedouine_officiel to join forces and help this family.

With the money we raised we were able to not only buy a house but also furnish it. We also left a fund so that Morad can support his family despite his illness.




2/ Fatma is a widow, she lives with her children in squalid conditions, in a room without any windows. An anonymous donor had started to build a house for her but sadly disappeared after covid hit.

With the help of the Bedouine tribe we were able to finish off the house and give Fatma and her children a better life.



3/ Awatif is a 26yo young woman suffering from kidney stones. She didn’t have the necessary funds to pay for surgery and was in constant pain.

By asking our wonderful Bedouine tribe on Instagram to come together and help our sister we were able to give her her life back through this life changing surgery.

We also helped her develop new skills by funding her seamstress training and giving her the tools to become an independent woman.




4/Food packages for those in need

We took it upon ourselves to make the most of Ramadan 2021 to be useful to others.

And with the help of donations from the Bedouines and volunteer workers in the local area we were able to distribute hundreds of food packages to those in need.




The Bedouine tribe has also participated in the funding of a well and renovation work for a village mosque.

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