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Dear Bedouine,

I’m Habiba, the founder of Maison Bedouine.

I define myself as a serial entrepreneur and a nomad.

I like to push my limits and I want to inspire you to go beyond yours.

Every woman walks in search of her inner oasis, the place she can draw her Elixir of fulfillment from.

My mission is to restore women’s self confidence through my innovative concepts, book, training and lectures in the desert.

I want to encourage women to take a stand for what they believe in, especially when it comes to the environment, by wearing the first and only eco-friendly and innovative hijab concept in the world with pride!

Through Bedouine, I want to inspire other women to be at the forefront of innovation and to believe in their own potential.

Wearing a Bedouine hijab means you are pledging allegiance to a community of committed and refined women whilst living a unique and authentic experience.

Since Maison Bedouine’s creation in 2014, I have never hesitated to pack my bags and travel around the world in order to offer you the best, whether it be in terms of innovation, quality or finishing touches.

Today, Bedouine is breaking the rules by bringing together a community of enterprising supportive and assertive women.

Through Bedouine and it’s different concepts, I aspire to awaken the entrepreneurial soul that lies within you, to help you accomplish and achieve what you wouldn’t have allowed yourself to dream of.

A movement is underway…
The time has come for you to awaken the intrepid Bedouin within!


Thanks to her many personal and professional experiences, Habiba, the founder of Bedouine, was able to push past her limits and better herself to reach her goals and fully live her dreams.

Bedouine now helps other women find their way and reach their life goals through its innovative concepts

Our mission is to give women their confidence back, by offering them the possibility of answering their deepest aspirations and transforming their desires into a reality.












Bedouine is carrying out its mission by offering you innovative and never seen before concepts.




We want to honor women by offering them a piece of excellence.

By meeting their most specific dress code requirements.

By making women’s daily lives easier with our time saving pinless concept.

By inviting women to stand up for what they believe in, especially in terms of eco-responsibility.

So they can take pride in wearing the world’s first Tencel hijab concept.








Our aim is to give you a clearer picture of your daily life and goals.

To enable you to adopt an organised and more focused way of life.

To bring traditional methods back to life, to put pen to paper and disconnect from the digital world.













THE BOOK: ” Wake up the Bedouin within ! ”

Our mission is to make women aware of their abilities and the potential that lies within…

To push women to outperform themselves a little more everyday, by giving them genuine and benevolent advice.

To encourage women to take a step back and contemplate the world around them, to gradually bring them towards a more peaceful and serene way of life.





To be at the forefront of innovation

Bedouine doesn’t just sell products : it offers unique concepts. Our Teams have put together their knowledge and skills to offer you an authentic experience.



To represent excellence




Since Bedouine’s creation, its founder Habiba hasn’t hesitated to reinvent herself multiple times, which is how she is now able to offer you concepts that meet each and everyone of your expectations.

Habiba isn’t your traditional business owner, she values hands-on experience rather than hours of business theory.

Since 2014, the brand has been pushing its limits a little further each time by breaking the rules and establishing its own movement.









To Create a movement



By becoming the owner of a Bedouine concept you are choosing to get off the beaten path.

By owning a Bedouine concept you are joining an inclusive and supportive tribe that share the same values!

Owning a Bedouine concept means being part of a community of assertive and enterprising women





Entrepreneurship is at the heart of Maison Bedouine. The company came to life after Habiba, the founder of the brand, decided to take back control of her life and embarked on this long entrepreneurial journey.

Through Bedouine and its concepts, the designer wishes to awaken your own entrepreneurial soul and help you accomplish what you never thought would be possible.



Innovation is at the heart of Maison Bedouine. Research, creation, innovation are our guiding principles.

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to evolve and grow. Every day our teams question the rules in place to find ways to improve our concepts.

It took us more than 5 years of Research and Development to be able to offer youthe first sustainable hijab concept in the world, which you now know as L’Ecrin.




Maison Bedouine is proud of its ethical and eco-responsible approach.

The founder has always favored the human element and has resolved to relocate her production several times, until it reached Paris in 2021.

From the working force to the product to the logistics center, the brand prefers a short supply chain, going against the tide of the fast-fashion industry by offering you an alternative and a better way of consumption.





Women are the backbone of humanity. Bedouine wishes to help them maintain strong relations and mutual support. Bedouine represents more than just a simple brand: it is a community of committed and united women who share a common vision

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